Auction scanning and imaging system, responsible for turning the pages, building the image, and determining what is new/updated/removed. Not responsible for stats or filtering.

Issues: Unresolved

  • New Feature ADV-279 Various CoreBuy efficiency improvements
  • Bug ADV-303 Sporadic seemingly inappropriate "scan is currently in progress" error interfering with CoreBuy
  • Bug ADV-391 Paused Scan timer needs to cancel the full queue

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug ADV-649 15/Jul/17 Scan Stage 4 can be extremely slow for very large AuctionHouses
  • Task ADV-723 20/Mar/17 Scanner adjustements - to help with GetItemInfo issues
  • Task ADV-711 10/Feb/17 [Legion] API changes, Scanner and buyer changes

Versions: Unreleased